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Blog Policy

    Blog Policy:

    1) To the best of SAHRA's ability, the Blog is restricted to "members only" meaning only those who are registered and active with the site may read or post comments.  If you are not logged into the SAHRA website, the Blog will appear to have no content.    

    2) Blog topics can only be created by a SAHRA website administrator. 

    3) To start a NEW Blog topic please submit it to the following e-mail address:

    4) Comments should only be related to the Blog topic for which you are under, not a new topic.  Please see above regarding starting a new Blog topic.  

    5) All comments should be related to Human Resources only. 

    6) Please use judgement when posting information as SAHRA does not accept any responsibility for member comments made on this site.   

    Let us know your thoughts on future blog topics.